Wild Country - Superlight Offset Nuts

WC Superlight Offsets, ideal for a stripped down rack on Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis
Rating: ***** (5 stars)

Recommended Retail Price: £55 for set of 6, see WC website.

The Wild Country Superlight Offsets are in our opinion a perfect supplementary set of nuts for any rack or an ideal set for a fast and light mountaineering route requiring a stripped down rack (162g for a set). Wild Country state that the Superlight Offsets are:

"Intuitive and easy to place, they’re perfect for trimming a rack without cutting down options. An instant classic, and a big hit with our testers, all that’s missing from these slimline superstars is weight."

And we are very much in agreement with that statement. The multiple shapes offered by a single nut means that the 6 nuts can be used in a very large number of differently sized placement and due to their very low weight which doesn't significantly sacrifice on strength (7kN for the smallest size, more than enough to hold a leader whipper). The anodising matches the standard WC nut sizes which in turn match the DMM colours meaning that these nuts will fit in neatly with any nut rack. 

Placing a Wild Country Superlight Offset.
Offset nuts generally are an ideal addition to any rack, with the tapered design making them ideal for tapered cracks (common in the UK). The other clear option available when considering Offsets is, of course, the DMM Offsets which come in a set of 5 in the 7-11 sizes (slightly larger sizes than the Wild Country option). We, however, feel that at 33g lighter for a full set for an additional nut, the WC superlights are probably the more versatile option. Testing the nuts over the past year we have found them to be our go to when selecting a light rack for routes requiring it (often carrying just the superlights with some slings) and also the first rack reached for on harder routes requiring a complete rack.

Placing a WC superlight Offset on Cuan an Bochan, Mingulay.

Things we like: Lightweight, versatile, easy to place.

Things we don’t like: Not quite full strength nuts.

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