Scarpa Maestrale RS II (2018)

Boots on Test: Scarpa Maestrale RS II (2018)  – Long Term Review

Rating: ***** (5 stars)

Recommended Retail Price: £500 from Scarpa

For 2018 Scarpa has renovated its Maestrale Boots. This includes improving stiffness and progressivity as well as increasing cuff rotations (by a massive 30°!).  We tested the new Scarpa Maestrale RS’s in the season of 2017/2018, mondo size 27. At 3kg per pair, these are a mid-weight touring boot, these are the stiffer boots in Scarpa’s Maestrale line; another non-RS, orange model is available for lighter or less aggressive skiers.

Fit: The toe box is overall quite voluminous, with what has become a fairly standard width in the industry. This reviewer has wide feet, some extensive punching was therefore required before they could be qualified as ‘comfortable’. If this is your case, we would recommend on being careful with size, as what will seem the right size before punching, may be too large after.

We found that getting them on was quite a challenge. This is most likely due to the fact that Scarpa has abandoned the pivoting tongue of previous versions, this should nonetheless improve reliability and stiffness. Getting the liners in and out was also quite a challenge, applying some silicone-spray to the inside of the shells every now-and-then made this much easier though.

Scarpa has replaced the old walk mode by a simpler, external lever, much like what is present on their F1 or ALIEN models. We appreciate the added simplicity of this system, ours did ice up a few times, but was always easy to clean the ice.

Scarpa has notably removed the 4th buckle, we think this is good as we never used those anyways on our ski boots.

Skinning, walking or scrambling: For such a stiff boot, these excel when skinning. The cuff rotation is truly impressive, which really comes into its own when scrambling or climbing in the boots.

Skiing: Stiff and progressive, these would even make fine piste boots according to this reviewer. They seem to be a tad stiffer than the previous version with better progressivity. Lateral stiffness was also excellent, we were able to drive big skis with these boots, without feeling the need for anything more.

Overall these are an excellent backcountry ski boot. Weight is reasonable, they are very stiff, while still being nicely progressive. Lighter skiers may find the standard (orange) non-RS version more adapted to their weight. We did notice more liner wear than the previous versions over the course of the season, we think this is probably due to the greater range of motion in the new boots.

Skier Data: 65Kg for 174cm, experienced skier.

Things we like: Progressive and stiff, cuff rotation for skinning.

Things we don’t like: 
Getting in and out. Liner wear.

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