Rab - Oblique Pants

The Rab Oblique Pants and Top Out Hoody on The Great Arch of Guersay Mor, Mingulay ©Hugh Simons
Star Rating: **** (4 Stars)

Recommended Retail Price:
 £65 Oblique Pants

The Top Out Hoody and Oblique Pants are part of Rab’s new line of climbing/casual wear. Both pieces are available in a variety of colours and are marketed for climbing use both indoors and outdoors. We tested the pieces at the limits of what can be classed as casual outdoor use on a recent trip to the Outer Hebrides by using them on some exposed sea cliffs. On the whole, we were impressed with their performance, the clothing allowed us to climb unhindered all whilst keeping us in the right balance of cool and warm and surviving the occasional rain shower (quick drying).

Oblique pants in use. in the Outer Hebrides. When packing for a long trip, best to ensure the jacket packed is not the same shade as trousers. ©Martin McKenna
The Oblique Pants are Rab's lightweight climbing trousers, available in a number of colours including a subtle black model and two louder versions in yellow and a bright turquoise. The trousers are a cotton-spandex mixed fabric which gives the trousers some stretch all whilst appearing as regular cotton trousers. 

The fabric itself doesn't have a large amount of stretch but we found that more give in the fabric isn't necessary due to the cut of the trousers which does achieve unencumbered movement. This reviewer has often had issues with trousers having insufficient space in the thighs which has in no way been a problem with these trousers so top marks in that respect. The cut is generally quite square which removes some points on the fashion front but this cut is what gives such great movement so we wouldn't change that. 

The elasticated waist is great in removing the need for a belt though it was noted that if they happen to not sit that well (i.e. losing a bit of weight) they can be tied on with a handy drawstring. 

On damp walk-ins on in hot weather, they can easily be turned into shorts by rolling them up and tying them using the provided hem draw cords which is an excellent feature. 

Overall they are a great lightweight climbing trouser (for something heavier, check out the grit pants) with our only criticisms being that they lack in colour range (dull black or exceptionally loud colours) and that they are called pants (we're too British to like that...).

Things we like: Moveability, quick-drying, functional

Things we don’t like:
 Lack of available colours, called pants...


  1. Heres what I thought...

    These trousers are great for sport, trad, scrambling and bouldering. They offer an amazing versatile experience. I have had these trousers for a few months, here is why I gave them 5 stars.

    Reasons why they're so good:

    Flexible - articulated knees allow a large range of movement, stretch fabric also helps.
    Durable - hard wearing, scuffs and abrasion are no problem.
    Lightweight - thin but durable fabric.
    Comfy - baggy and soft on your skin. ( Not often taken into consideration but incredibly important)
    Weather Proof - great wind blocker and quick drying from rain.

    Areas for improvement:

    Faded - After a few washes they faded but the fade was even and looked fine.
    Fly Popper - This comes undone sometimes on its own accord but not a problem as flies keep the trousers on.

    if you want a more in depth review with some areas explained as well as video of the product being used you can watch my video review in the link below.


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