Outdoor Research - Lodestar Gloves

OR Lodestar gloves in action in Scotland

Star Rating: **** (4 Star)

Recommended Retail Price: $95

The OR Lodestar gloves are sold as gloves for 'approach, skinning and high alpine climbing in cold conditions' for which this reviewer thought they were ideal. The cleverly sewn seams in the leather mean that there is an excellent dexterity in the glove and the pile liner gives a good level of warmth. Although the gloves soak through very quickly due to the thin outer fabric on the back of the hand, they also dry exceptionally quickly. These were mostly tested in Scotland where they were subjected to a lot of wet weather climbing but fared well as they stayed warm once wet.

However, the thin fabric used on the back of the hand was found to be very fragile and was very quickly littered with holes (arguably, these gloves are not designed for fist jamming cracks in winter...). The leather also wore out a lot quicker than other gloves this reviewer owns and is almost certainly due to the thin gauge of leather used. Overall we found these gloves to be a good alpine all-rounder, performing admirably for skinning and approaches (not too hot) as well as for climbing (dexterous and not too cold) with the only thing holding them back being the durability which needs to be compromised on to achieve a gloves as dexterous as this in the first place.

Things we like: Fit, Balance between dexterity and warmth, value for money.

Things we don’t like: Durability.

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